Why You Should Radon-Test Your Water Today!

Why You Should Radon-Test Your Water Today!

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Radon occurs in water naturally. Your drinking water may have a certain level of radon in it. Thus, water tests must be conducted in order to determine whether your water supply has safe levels of radon or is extremely contaminated.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), 4 picocuries per liter of airborne radon is considered the verge of possible health issues. While the maximum limit of water radon has not been established since there’s an erratic input to household levels. Showering or doing laundry in a confined space pose a higher risk since an ample amount of water is being run. Consequently, there’s an intermittent exposure to extremely high levels of radon from the water over aeration. Recurring exposures to high levels even short-term raises the risk of negative implications.

There are few techniques for reducing radon in water. One method is using a tank that contains granular activated carbon for elimination of small levels of radon. Another technique makes use of a device that has more dynamic aeration capability which can handle higher levels of radon beyond 100,000 picocuries and vent it out safely outside the home.

It’s smart to test your drinking water regularly to ensure your family’s safety. Contact Radon Systems LLC and schedule a free water test today!

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