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Ground water under the floor slab is a common issue in New England homes. It is caused by high water levels from ground water, snow melt, or a house being in a flood zone. Water infiltration is a very dangerous issue because it can flood basements causing house damage or even health related issues like mold development leading to respiratory complications. A sump pump system is a pump system, check valve, and pipe network used to remove water that has accumulated in a water-collecting sump basin. The basin fills up with water and once the water levels get to a certain point, the float triggers the pump to eject the water out through a discharge pipe that is run outside and away from the foundation. There is a check valve installed to prevent water backflow.

Sump Pump


Radon Systems LLC is one of the few certified radon companies that also install submersible pump systems. This is very important because most dewatering companies and not certified mitigation companies. Their main concern is fixing the water issue, but not the radon. Untrained dewatering companies can actually introduce a pathway for radon to enter if they leave open trenches open or install non air tight covers. This is where Radon Systems LLC differs. Radon Systems LLC install radon sump dome covers that incorporate the radon mitigation system with the sump pump system. It is a dual functioning setup that fixes the water issues along with the radon issues. The sump dome is an airtight cover that is gasketed for easy removal to service the sump pump, but when installed properly blocks radon from entering the home. It also has a site port to check water levels.

Sump Pump

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