Radon In Water

Radon is also a health issue when present in well water. Radon derives from Uranium and if your well water is close to a Uranium source, your drinking water could have elevated levels. The way to remediate Radon in water is to correct when it first enters the house.

Radon Systems LLC installs diffused bubble aeration units that safely remeates radon in water issues.

Radon in Water Radon in Water Radon in Water

How Diffused Bubble Aeration Systems Operate:

Water enters the aeration unit from the existing well supply. Then goes through a series of stages where air is injected into the water causing the Radon to separate (desorb). The water is then repressurized and supplied to the house using the existing pipework. Finally the radon that was once in the water is now safely removed from the house using a PVC pipe network.

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