Why a Radon Mitigation System Should Be Incorporated into Your Sump Pump

Why a Radon Mitigation System Should Be Incorporated into Your Sump Pump

Radon System

Sump pump installations are standard within homes where flooding is prevalent and where your house’s foundation is lower than the natural water level. The pump remove water out of your home and mitigates dampness that could result in mold, mildew, and other hazards. However, it can also serve as an entry point for radon found in groundwater.

In an event of flooding, most dewatering companies only focus on fixing water issues but not the radon. Untrained dewatering companies can actually introduce a pathway for radon to enter if they leave open trenches open or install non airtight covers. Sealing your sump pump should be properly done. Radon Systems LLC installed radon sump dome covers that incorporate the radon mitigation system with the sump pump system. It is a dual functioning setup that fixes the water issues along with the radon issues. The sump dome is an airtight cover that is gasketed for easy removal to service the sump pump, but when installed properly blocks radon from entering the home. It also has a site port to check water levels.

If you want to ensure your sump pump won’t let radon enter your home, contact Radon System LLC.

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