What To Do After Exposure to Radon

What To Do After Exposure to Radon

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When you get the bad news that radon is present within your home, the good news is there is a practical measure to undertake after exposure to radon. The quickest step is to consult your local Sutton-area radon control specialist immediately.

Getting your home testing for radon is the immediate move. Radon levels normally fluctuate depending on the weather and seasons and continuous monitoring will help to confirm the extent of exposure to radon. It is necessary to get a medical checkup. A healthcare professional will assess you to determine whether you have suffered any ill effects due to radon exposure. Since radon is responsible for almost half of all human radiation exposure it will cause serious health complications. In any case, any member of your family that acquired a respiratory condition, the healthcare provider will consider further testing or referring them to a specialist for further treatment. Moreso, it is recommended to hire a qualified radon mitigation contractor like Radon Systems LLC to undertake other measures to provide a complete mitigation system that will reduce the radon levels. This radon professional will install the right mitigation system depending on the size and design of your property.

Since one of the root causes of high levels of radon in your home is the groundwater system, it is recommended to fix it as well. A radon expert will suggest installing a point-of-entry radon mitigation system like a granular activated carbon filter to remove radon from the water before it enters your property distribution system. After which retest your property to ensure that the radon levels are in the safe range.

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