The Radon Threat: You Need Active Monitoring to be Safe

The Radon Threat: You Need Active Monitoring to be Safe

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Here at Sutton’s Radon Systems LLC, we exist to protect your family and your household from the threat of Radon. Please allow us to be clear. Radon is a real threat to every homeowner. This does not mean that you currently have a radon problem. However, you are at risk even if you had your home tested last year and the results were negative. Radon is naturally produced by Mother Earth and can present itself as a threat to you and your family today even if your home was tested negative yesterday.

Radon is commonly found below-ground levels without much ventilation such as basements, crawlspaces, foundations, sump pumps, and construction joints. It is suggested to make it a habit to frequently look at your radon system manometer. If you do not possess a radon system manometer, or if you question the functionality capability of the manometer that you currently own, call your local professional radon mitigation service provider.

There are instances wherein passive radon mitigation systems do not work. It is typically installed by a plumber and other contractors as the home is being built. Unfortunately, these contractors do not always understand how radon mitigation works. Often, they are not installed correctly and do not work. It is highly recommended to choose a qualified radon mitigation contractor to fix your home. Because lowering high radon levels requires specific technical knowledge and special skills. There is proper equipment or technical knowledge which either increases your radon level or creates other potential hazards and additional costs. Deciding to do the work yourself will only make the matter worse, especially if you do not have any appropriate training course. Further, the radon reduction method to be used will be discussed with your contractor considering several things that includes how high the initial radon level is, the cost of installation and system operation, your home size, and your foundation type. It is recommended to use the Soil suction method where radon is prevented from entering your home by drawing radon from below your home.

Radon mitigation is key for protection from the long-term health concerns that this odorless, colorless gas will bestow upon your family. Moreover, a radon reduction system requires occasional maintenance and if it is a fan powered or active system, you need to check on it on a regular basis to make sure the system is working correctly. A professional will help lower the radon levels in your home and make it safer for your family.

For more tips on Radon reduction systems contact Radon Systems LLC.

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