Test Your Home for Radon to Get Peace of Mind

Test Your Home for Radon to Get Peace of Mind

Radon Systems, LLC

Radon is a naturally occurring element that exists everywhere on the planet earth. It could very well be seeping into your home. That is a very real health risk to you and your family. It can enter your home in a number of ways, including through floor joists, floor drains and sump pumps, soil tracked in from outside, cracks in the concrete, porous walls, and cracks in the chimney and even water supply. Because radon comes from the soil, the lowest level of a house will likely contain the highest concentration of radon.

It is highly recommended to schedule home inspections by a professional inspector to perform a thorough inspection of your home to identify any potential issues or problems. Considering a radon gas inspection will ensure that your home is safe from elevated levels of radioactive gas. It is an urgent task to do some prevention as you all know that smoking is responsible for 80% of the lung cancer deaths, and being exposed to radon, second-hand smoke, air pollution, asbestos, or certain other chemicals will cause lung cancer for non-smokers. And if you are buying a new home, one of the things buyers will consider is radon inspection. This inspection will assess the levels of radon gas in the house, which will cause serious health risks if it is present in high concentrations. It is better to hire professionals to radon test your home.

Remember always that elevated levels of radon gas will be found in any home regardless of the foundation type. Always get your home tested to be safe! It will ensure the safety of your loved ones and testing your home for the presence of radon gas is a small and cheap step to ensure the long-term health of the members of your home.

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