Rid Your Home from Cancer-Causing Radon Toxicity

Rid Your Home from Cancer-Causing Radon Toxicity

Radon Systems LLC - Lung Cancer

We are in the business of helping you live life safely within your home by providing radon mitigating services in MA, CT, and RI. Lung cancer is the prime detrimental health effect from prolonged exposure to increased radon levels. Children constantly exposed to radon are more susceptible to developing lung cancer since they have higher estimated radiation intake than adults. This is because of their lung shape and size as well as their faster respiration rate that increases their risk.

Radon progeny’s solid nature and charged state tends to draw dust particles. It can be inhaled as free particles or attached to airborne particulates which makes it more carcinogenic. Smaller dust particles can make their way deeper into the lungs joined with the radon progeny it holds. The unattached radon progeny may adhere to lung fluid while the attached progeny tends to stick more to the respiratory epithelium. Their energy deposits can damage the genetic material of cells lining the airways. Lung cancer can occur when the cell lives but the repair process is undone.

Aside from lung cancer, it can also cause non-malignant lung diseases including emphysema, chronic interstitial pneumonia and pulmonary fibrosis.

Mitigating radon levels in your home is crucial. Protect your family from lung diseases brought about by prolonged exposure to increased levels of radon. Contact Radon Systems LLC for your radon mitigation system installation needs.

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