Radon: Your Home Might Be Killing You Slowly

Radon: Your Home Might Be Killing You Slowly

Selling your home? Make sure to test first your home for radon prior to closing a deal. Here are some reasons why you should consider inspecting your home for radon gas.

1. Client Protection From Risks of Lung Cancer

Radon gas is the secondary leading cause of lung cancer in the United States. Thus, the Environment Protection Agency (EPA), strongly recommends testing any home for radon gas level before listing a home.

2. Seller Protection from Unsuccessful Sale Contract

It is smart to test your home for radon levels and solve the problem first prior to listing it on the market. That way, there's a lesser chance of a sale contract falling through since you are more confident of selling a radon-safe home.

3. Your location is on a high radon level zone

You may check your location on EPA's Map of Radon Zones if it is included in areas with high indoor radon levels. Getting your house tested for radon levels is even more crucial if your house is located within one of these zones.

4. Buyer Protection From Unwanted Extra Costs

If you are a buyer, request radon testing services from the seller. Sellers should bear the burden of radon mitigation should tests reveal radon levels in excess of safe.

If you need to test a home for radon gas level or if you need a radon mitigation system installed, contact Radon Systems LLC.

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