Radon Testing and Control Services: Reduce The Effect Of Radon on Your Family

Radon Testing and Control Services: Reduce The Effect Of Radon on Your Family

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Radon is a known cause of lung cancer. When you breathe in radon gas, radioactive particles get trapped in your lungs. Over time, these radioactive particles increase the risk of lung cancer. And the irony is, it will take years before health problems appear. It will be prevented by limiting exposure to radon in indoor air. Start by testing radon levels in your home and install a radon reduction system, if needed.

Radon will get into homes and buildings through small cracks or holes and build up in the air. When preparing to buy or sell your homes, it is recommended to test your home’s radon levels. It is helpful before taking any lifestyle changes in your home, before and after any renovations, especially after making any repairs to reduce radon levels, test your home immediately. This will ensure that radon level has been reduced and controlled. It is highly recommended to contact a licensed professional to install a radon reduction system (or a radon mitigation system) in your home. Contact these qualified contractors in your area to fix radon problems and seal cracks in floors and walls with plaster or caulk or other materials designed for this purpose. And if you are buying a new house, ask about radon-resistant construction techniques that will make it easier to build these features into new homes than to add them later.

Protect yourself and your family from radon. At a level normally encountered in the environment, radon exposure will cause no acute or subacute health effects, no irritation effects and has no warning signs. The primary adverse health effect of exposure to radon is lung cancer which will take years to develop.

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