Radon Services: Be Concerned of the Real Radon Threat Within Your Home

Radon Services: Be Concerned of the Real Radon Threat Within Your Home

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Testing is the only way you will know how much radon gas is in your home. Radon will enter any house or apartment and become a problem when it seeps into a home through foundation or basement floor cracks and gets trapped in basement or crawl spaces. It is important that everyone is concerned about the importance of knowing and understanding the effects of radon and what every homeowner should know.

Many people are starting to know about radon however many are still unaware of the hazards of radon. As you all know, radon is a naturally occurring gas, created when uranium breaks down in the rock and soil in the ground. It is important to be aware that exposure to concentrated levels of radon over a long period of time will have serious health effects. As a survey shows, it is the number one cause of lung cancer in non-smokers. Moreso, one thing to note is that radon concentrations in your home will change due to seasonal temperature changes. The weather and air pressure will cause different readings during specific times of the year. In cases where opening windows and doors are more frequent during the summer season, it will affect the test findings. But if a home heavily relies on air conditioning during the warmer months, the house will test for high radon levels due to the home being sealed up with windows and doors closed. In addition, various living areas in your house will also vary on radon levels. A basement typically has higher concentration levels than the upper floors because it is closer to the source and has less ventilation.

It is the reason why getting your home tested is highly important. All new home construction strictly will have a proactive radon mitigation system which is part of the building code. It makes sense to install a mitigation system to prevent high levels of radon especially since you know radon is present in all homes and over time will have serious health effects.

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