Radon Risk is Real Here in Sutton

Radon Risk is Real Here in Sutton

Sutton's Radon Systems LLC

Did you know that radon is a common health risk here in Sutton? The higher the radon concentration within your home the larger the risk of lung cancer and other health risks you and your family take.you face?

The lower the radon concentration a person is exposed to in a home, the lower the lung cancer risk from radon. There are simple protective measures that are sufficient to eliminate radon within a structure and thus the asdociated risks.

Here is something about radon risk that most are uninformed about. Radon dissolves in water and enters your home via water pipes. It is released from drinking water during cooking and showering or taken up during drinking thus contributing to exposure. To identify and to eradicate radon risk, contact Sutton's Radon Systems LLC.

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