Radon Mitigation Services Via Soil Depressurization

Radon Mitigation Services Via Soil Depressurization

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High levels of Radon can lead to health issues. Among other things radon is associated with lung cancer. Installing radon reducing systems for your home or property are essential to mitigate its increasing level. There are three types of systems to accomplish this. Today, we focus upon Active Soil Depressurization.

Active Soil Depressurization is one of the most effective techniques for reducing radon levels in homes and other buildings. This is done by installing a network of pipes and a radon reduction fan that draws enough air from the soil to be negative in comparison to indoor conditions. Conversely, a "passive" system, rather than making use of a fan, depends on the stack effect to extract radon-containing soil gas going to the pipe stack and release it in the open air. The stack or chimney effect emerges from air temperature and pressure differences in a building and also, relative to the height of the building.

When installing an ASD system, a couple of considerations need to be taken into account, such as determining a suitable fan location, and outlet point for the exhaust. EPA has strict protocols when installing an ASD system. Consequently, a radon mitigation professional is recommended.

If you would like to test your property for radon levels, contact Radon Systems LLC for free evaluation. if the results come at 4pCi/L or higher, the E.P.A. states that action should be taken.

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