Radon In Your Home: What To Know

Radon In Your Home: What To Know

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Radon will be a consistent problem through households. This information will indicate the most frequently asked questions surrounding radon. And it is important to understand and get the solution to the radon issue you might have at hand.

The most common source of radon is the uranium which is usually found through the soil or rock of your home which it is built upon. It will get in through cracks in your foundation, concrete, well water – in fact any part of your home that comes in contact with the soil will allow radon to enter. There are so many health risks that radon exposure brings. The most predominant health risk associated with radon is lung cancer. As radon gas breaks down lung cells. For long term smokers, it raises the chances of lung cancer to 1 in 3 when exposed to radon. As a colorless, tasteless and odorless gas, radon will exist in environments without any human knowledge of its presence. It is undetectable to the naked eye. You will know if the radon concentration is too high in your home when the radon test device reveals the severity of your radon issue. And short-term testing takes a few days, whereas long-term testing will take more than 90 days. It is a good time to test your home because they tend to be more tightly closed during cold weather. And this will give a stronger reading on the radon level in your home. Testing will save a life.

Radon may be hiding in your facilities, and you will never even know it. Do not risk high radon levels and hire a professional radon service to do the testing for you. Take action to ensure your family’s safety. It is very important that radon is tested to keep your family safe.

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