Is Your Drinking Water Radon Free? You Need to Know

Is Your Drinking Water Radon Free? You Need to Know

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As you may know, radon is a naturally occurring (yet harmful) element that emerges from the earth with zero predictability of where this occurs. Radon can dissolve into your drinking water and pose potential health risks if released into indoor air during water use. High concentrations of radon in drinking water, when released into the air during activities like showering or cooking, can contribute to indoor radon exposure.

Diffused bubble aeration systems can indirectly impact radon levels in water bodies by facilitating gas exchange between the water and the atmosphere. When bubbles rise to the surface, they can carry with them dissolved gases, including radon, from the water to the air. This can lead to a reduction in the radon concentration in the water, making it potentially less of a concern for indoor air quality.

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