Get Your Radon Testing Done the Right Way

Get Your Radon Testing Done the Right Way

Radon Systems LLC

Many people ask how they know if radon is present within their homes. Some, unless they stumble upon the likes of this radon awareness blog do not understand the nature and degree of the radon health threat.  It is important to know the benefits of having radon testing in your home.

Radon gives off radiation that will cause damage to the DNA inside the body cells. Continued exposure to high levels of radon gas will deeply affect the overall cellular activity within the lung tissue causing an increase in the chance of contracting lung cancer. If you have never had your home tested for radon gas, it is time to do it now. Radon testing is easy. In less than 10 minutes to set the test up. This test will stay in your home for 52 hours, measuring the levels of radon throughout the day and night. When the testing specialists come back to pick up the test two days later, they will know the results immediately. In a matter of 52 hours, you will be informed if you are living in a home with elevated levels of radon gas. It is important to provide awareness in the community that will know how dangerous radon will actually be.

Radon testing will save lives and hopefully put an urgency on all people reading it to get their house tested. After the test is over, it is recommended to schedule a Radon mitigation with the Radon Systems LLC radon eliminator team to take care of the problem at the source. Protect yourself and your family from a veiled threat. Get it done by a professional now!

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