Amateur Sump Pump Installation Can Introduce Radon Threat

Amateur Sump Pump Installation Can Introduce Radon Threat

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If your home is located in a flood zone or heavy snow area like New England, there's a great chance of groundwater issues taking place in your basement. Ground water can accumulate under the floor slab, and these can cause serious damage to your home and your family’s health. A sump pump system must be put in place in order to address ground water problems. And for the safety of your family, that sump pump must be installed by certified professionals. Read on to learn why.

A sump pump is composed of a pump system, check valve and pipe network that will take out accumulated water in a water-collecting sump basin. The water will fill up at the basin and when it reaches a certain level, the float will activate the pump to discharge the water out through a pipe that stretches outside and away from the foundation. A check valve is in place to prevent water reverse flow.

Radon Systems LLC is one of the few certified radon companies that also install submersible pump systems. This is very important because most dewatering companies and not certified mitigation companies. Their main concern is fixing the water issue, but not the radon. Untrained dewatering companies can actually introduce a pathway for radon to enter if they leave open trenches open or install non airtight covers. This is where Radon Systems LLC differs. Radon Systems LLC installed radon sump dome covers that incorporate the radon mitigation system with the sump pump system.

In need of a certified radon mitigation company to install a radon mitigation system with a sump pump system, contact Radon Systems LLC.

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